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Growers of People

Rick Whitter

Like farmers, pastors must know the purpose of their work, and we must be willing to do whatever it takes to produce disciples. Fulfilling the Great Commission is not an option for today’s church leader!

Why Preach from a Manuscript?

Tim Brister

I have taken some time in recent days to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned and benefits I’ve received from using a full manuscript in my preaching, and I thought I share them here for what it’s worth.

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Seeing Beyond the Suffering This Year

Struggle in the Christian life is inevitable, lifelong and ultimately beneficial. We encounter God’s grace through our trials in ways that would not happen if the trials had not come in the first place. But how do we see that in our trials?

Grace Rules?

Why is God's grace not a license and enticement to sin? How does grace fuel holiness in a Christian?

Freedom from Sin

How do those of us who are under grace live without being characterized by sin? How are we to live lives of victory? Paul shows us in Romans.

Jeremiah: Answering the Call

Everyone who believes in Christ has a special calling to a particular sphere of obedience and ministry. Jeremiah was not just set apart for salvation, he was set apart for vocation. God had work for him to do.

Our High Priest Keeps Us Going

“Priest” is the only title given to Jesus that has virtually an entire book of the New Testament devoted to explaining it—the letter to the Hebrews.

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