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How the Scandal of Preaching Will Reach Our Postmodern World

Michael J. Kruger

So, how do we break into the lives of people who are immersed in this postmodern reality? How do we reach them for the gospel? Do we offer therapeutic entertainment to draw them in? Nope. Instead, we do the unthinkable in our modern age. We preach.

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All Things Subject to the Risen Christ

Marvel at the power of the risen Jesus today to subject all things to himself. Marvel that one day, at his coming, he will use this power to transform your body into a body like his. Marvel that today your citizenship is in heaven where Christ rules—or if it’s not, put it there today.

From Spiritual Death to Resurrection Power

In Ephesians 2 Paul takes us down to the Death Valley of the Soul and then up to “the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” The journey’s contrast will enhance our appreciation for what we have in Christ and will influence the way we live.

March 29, AD 33: The King Comes for His Kingdom

After observing the Sabbath (Friday evening through Saturday evening) at Bethany, Jesus arose Sunday morning to enter the city of Jerusalem. It was March 29, AD 33—the first day of the last week of his earthly life.

Study the Word for More Than Words

Staying a Christian in seminary means seeing the Bible as more than just a textbook. Delighting in God through taking in his word isn’t an annual, monthly, or even weekly event for the healthy Christian, but a daily rhythm.

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