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The Pressure of Easter Preaching

Ron Edmondson

Pastor, do you feel a pressure on Easter unlike other Sundays? What if we simply preach that Christ was crucified, buried and rose again?

The Gospel in Galatians: By Grace Alone

Christians affirm that salvation comes from God alone, but too often our daily walk suggests his gift is incomplete until we step in. This is an old problem, which the letter of Galatians dealt with a long time ago.

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March 29, AD 33: The King Comes for His Kingdom

After observing the Sabbath (Friday evening through Saturday evening) at Bethany, Jesus arose Sunday morning to enter the city of Jerusalem. It was March 29, AD 33—the first day of the last week of his earthly life.

Study the Word for More Than Words

Staying a Christian in seminary means seeing the Bible as more than just a textbook. Delighting in God through taking in his word isn’t an annual, monthly, or even weekly event for the healthy Christian, but a daily rhythm.

The Sands of Galilee: The Parable of the Two Builders

Associates for Biblical Research

When Jesus preached a sermon, told a parable, or gave a discourse, He always used object lessons that were familiar to His hearers in order to illustrate His point. The archaeology and geography of Bethsaida provides the background for two of His parables.

What Happens When You Die?

Ray Pritchard

In answering questions about life after death, we are left with only two sources to consult. Either we turn to human experience or we turn to the Word of God. If we turn to human experience, we find many guesses, many ideas, many theories—but no sure answers.

Seeing Beyond the Suffering This Year

Struggle in the Christian life is inevitable, lifelong and ultimately beneficial. We encounter God’s grace through our trials in ways that would not happen if the trials had not come in the first place. But how do we see that in our trials?

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