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How Do Pastors "Guard the Truth"?

Brian Croft

The charge to guard the truth of the gospel and the apostle’s teaching has been passed down and entrusted to faithful men—undershepherds of the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words…pastors.

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Our High Priest Keeps Us Going

“Priest” is the only title given to Jesus that has virtually an entire book of the New Testament devoted to explaining it—the letter to the Hebrews.

Why Did God Give the Law?

John Piper

The law which God gave to Moses at Mount Sinai a few months after bringing the people out of Egypt has been the victim of some very bad press in the past several hundred years. My guess is that there is a good deal of confusion.

The Compassion of God in Jonah

Philip Nation

We’ve just finished up our message series in Jonah, and I am always devastated by what I learn in the fourth chapter. Here are my preaching notes on the subject of how we learn to take on God’s heart for the city.

Christ Alone

Of all the things that Paul could have said about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the one thing that he emphasized was His death on the cross.

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