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Neglecting the Old Testament

In our circles—our pulpits, Sunday school classes, and Bible study groups—the biggest problem is the ignorance and neglect of the Old Testament. We must admit it: a good many evangelical preachers and Bible teachers simply have no idea what to do with the Old Testament.

Ten Temptations of a Leader

Dr. Bill Lawrence

Every time we fall into one of the temptations, we end up short-circuiting our purpose, sinning against God, harming others, and deceiving ourselves into thinking we are doing well.

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Justified Thanksgiving

Tim Brister

For the Christian, thanksgiving is altogether different. We don’t offer thanksgiving because of work we have done but because of the work Christ has done on our behalf.

Unacceptable Thanksgiving

Tim Brister

A person can be a truly grateful and thankful person and yet be ungodly and rejected by God? That is exactly what I’m saying, and I want you to show you why this is true from our text.

Theology at Midnight

You discover your theology at midnight. Until then, it's all theoretical. When midnight comes, you discover the difference between theory and reality.

When You Are Wronged

Eric C. Redmond

How does God want you to respond when you are wronged, when you are in need of vindication?

Our Salvation: A Study In Jonah

The book of Jonah may be studied for many reasons, but a chief reason is for what it teaches about God's sovereignty. Sovereignty is a problem for some Christians in certain areas.

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