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Bible Stories

  • What is Lent? This 40-day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday is filled with Biblical meaning, giving Christians a chance to set aside wants to come humbly before God. Here are some ways you can practice Lent this year.

  • Joseph's coat of many colors was given to him as a gift by his father, Jacob. His father was also known as Israel and favored Joseph over his other brothers. Because of this gift, he was resented by his brothers, who saw the coat as a sign that Joseph would assume family leadership. Learn more about the story of Joseph's coat of many colors from our summary and the Bible verses provided below.
  • The story of Ruth in the Bible illustrates a theme of redemption, a word that occurs 23 times in the book of Ruth.

  • Read the Bible verses for the story of Jesus calming the storm and learn more about the meaning of this important account of Christ!

  • The Judgment of Solomon is a story from the Bible in which King Solomon of Israel ruled between two women both claiming to be the mother of a child. He convinced them into revealing their true feelings by using an appeal to equality. It is considered an archetypal lesson of a righteous authority utilizing wisdom to make a proper ruling.

  • Read the story of Bartimaeus, the blind man healed by Jesus, and understand the meaning behind this Bible account. Be encouraged as you learn of the miracle of healing through faith!

  • After the Angel Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her she will give birth to the "Son of the Most High", Mary goes to Elizabeth who was carrying John the Baptist in her womb.

  • In this Bible story, Jesus cleanses 10 men with leprosy but only one returns to give thanks to Him who healed them. Read the full BIble text and learn the meaning of this miracle of Christ.

  • The miraculous Bible story of Jesus forgiving and healing a paralyzed man in Capernaum is found in the second chapter of Mark and the ninth chapter of Matthew.

  • The Bible story of Job, from the book of Job, is a powerful tale of testing the devotion and fortitude of the human will. In this epic wager between God and the Devil, discover how Job reacts to the shocking curses inflicted upon him and what we can learn from his incredible example of remaining faithful through suffering.
  • The drunkenness of Noah in Genesis is a surprising story of Noah who was considered "perfect in his generations." Read the Bible verses of this account and learn its meaning and significance.

  • When Nicodemus seeks out Jesus, Christ teaches him what it means to be truly born again in the Spirit by baptism.

  • Paul and Silas are imprisoned in the 16th chapter of Acts after Paul commands an evil spirit out of a slave girl that had been following them.

  • Read the Bible account of Paul's conversion along the road to Damascus, in which the Lord appeared to him.

  • When told by the other disciples, "we have seen the Lord," Thomas doubts this is true until he sees Jesus and His wounds for himself.

  • The Great Commission of Christ occurs in the Gospel books, when Jesus appeared to His disciples after His Resurrection and commanded them to "make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

  • The very first miracle performed by Jesus is when he turned water into wine at a wedding. Read why this Bible story is so important and how the "quiet miracles" are the ones that can change the faith of many.
  • The story of Abraham and Isaac is one of profound faith and obedience to God. When Abraham was 99 years old, God promised him and his wife Rebekah, then 89, a son. A year later God's promise came true when 99 year old Rebekah bore their son Isaac!

  • This is a summary of the Biblical account of Queen Esther. Read a summary of this Bible story and learn about its meaning and significance.

  • The Bible story of Jesus cleansing the temple directly follows His triumphal entry into Jerusalem when He purged the house of prayer from a den of thieves.

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