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Randy Newman

The task of evangelism often includes telling our individual story along with the larger gospel story. Weaving the two together makes for a powerful articulation of God’s gracious work through all times and his specific salvific work in an individual heart – namely, yours.

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Unbelief. This one word expresses the judgment Emil Brunner, the Swiss “crisis theologian,” used to describe nineteenth-century liberal theology.

Chris Russell

Over the years, I have found five specific ways of studying the Bible that have been very helpful for me. Since they have been such a blessing to me, I thought I’d take a few moments to share them with you.

Explore the Bible

Explore the Bible

Theologically Driven

There are many reasons why people should not play the lottery and several more why it should be viewed as poor public policy. Here are three reasons why Christians should not spend their money on the lottery:

Ron Edmondson

You and I, if we are honest, know that our faith often dwindles. We often try to take on the storms with our own abilities.

Philip Nation

In Acts 9:31, a description is made of how the church was beginning to mature and minister in a hostile culture. I find that there are six marks in this single verse.

Ron Edmondson

Don’t read these statements as familiar quotes that are usually written in red. Let them soak deep into your heart and mind. Let them add life to you. Be better with truth.

Inside BST

Luke 2:7 has been the source of quite a bit of discussion throughout church history. Where exactly was there no room for Jesus?