1 Kings 8:46-56 NIV

46 "When they sin against you--for there is no one who does not sin1--and you become angry with them and give them over to the enemy, who takes them captive2 to his own land, far away or near;

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47 and if they have a change of heart in the land where they are held captive, and repent and plead3 with you in the land of their conquerors and say, 'We have sinned, we have done wrong, we have acted wickedly';4

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48 and if they turn back5 to you with all their heart6 and soul in the land of their enemies who took them captive, and pray7 to you toward the land you gave their fathers, toward the city you have chosen and the temple8 I have built for your Name;9

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49 then from heaven, your dwelling place, hear their prayer and their plea, and uphold their cause.
50 And forgive your people, who have sinned against you; forgive all the offenses they have committed against you, and cause their conquerors to show them mercy;10

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51 for they are your people and your inheritance,11 whom you brought out of Egypt, out of that iron-smelting furnace.12

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52 "May your eyes be open13 to your servant's plea and to the plea of your people Israel, and may you listen to them whenever they cry out to you.14

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      53 For you singled them out from all the nations of the world to be your own inheritance,15 just as you declared through your servant Moses when you, O Sovereign LORD, brought our fathers out of Egypt."

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      54 When Solomon had finished all these prayers and supplications to the LORD, he rose from before the altar of the LORD, where he had been kneeling with his hands spread out toward heaven.
      55 He stood and blessed16 the whole assembly of Israel in a loud voice, saying:

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      56 "Praise be to the LORD, who has given rest17 to his people Israel just as he promised. Not one word has failed of all the good promises18 he gave through his servant Moses.

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