1 Peter 2:19-23 NIV

19 For it is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God.1

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20 But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God.2

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21 To this3 you were called,4 because Christ suffered for you,5 leaving you an example,6 that you should follow in his steps.

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22 "He committed no sin,7 and no deceit was found in his mouth."a8

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    • e 2:22 - Isaiah 53:9
      23 When they hurled their insults at him,9 he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats.10 Instead, he entrusted himself11 to him who judges justly.12

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