Numbers 15:10-20 BBE

10 And for the drink offering: give half a hin of wine, for an offering made by fire for a sweet smell to the Lord.
11 This is to be done for every young ox and for every male sheep or he-lamb or young goat.
12 Whatever number you make ready, so you are to do for every one.
13 All those who are Israelites by birth are to do these things in this way, when giving an offering made by fire of a sweet smell to the Lord.
14 And if a man from another country or any other person living among you, through all your generations, has the desire to give an offering made by fire of a sweet smell to the Lord, let him do as you do.
15 There is to be one law for you and for the man of another country living with you, one law for ever from generation to generation; as you are, so is he to be before the Lord.
16 The law and the rule are to be the same for you and for those from other lands living with you.
17 And the Lord said to Moses,
18 Say to the children of Israel, When you come into the land where I am guiding you,
19 Then, when you take for your food the produce of the land, you are to give an offering lifted up before the Lord.
20 Of the first of your rough meal you are to give a cake for a lifted offering, lifting it up before the Lord as the offering of the grain-floor is lifted up.