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Ezra 1:9; Ezra 2:11-12; Ezra 2:17; Ezra 2:19; Ezra 2:21; Ezra 2:23; Ezra 2:26-28; Ezra 2:32-33; Ezra 2:41; Ezra 2:67; Ezra 3:8; Ezra 8:11; Ezra 8:19-20; Ezra 8:27; Ezra 10:9 (New American Standard)

9 Now this was their number: 30 gold dishes, 1,000 silver dishes, 29 duplicates; 11 the sons of Bebai, 623 ; 12 the sons of Azgad, 1,222 ; 17 the sons of Bezai, 323 ; 19 the sons of Hashum, 223 ; 21 the men of Bethlehem, 123 ; 23 the men of Anathoth, 128 ; 26 the sons of Ramah and Geba, 621 ; 27 the men of Michmas, 122 ; 28 the men of Bethel and Ai, 223 ; 32 the sons of Harim, 320 ; 33 the sons of Lod, Hadid and Ono, 725 ; 41 The singers: the sons of Asaph, 128 . 67 their camels, 435 ; their donkeys, 6,720 .

Temple Restoration Begun

8 Now in the second year of their coming to the house of God at Jerusalem in the second month, Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel and Jeshua the son of Jozadak and the rest of their brothers the priests and the Levites, and all who came from the captivity to Jerusalem, began the work and appointed the Levites from twenty years and older to oversee the work of the house of the LORD . 11 and of the sons of Bebai, Zechariah the son of Bebai and 28 males with him; 19 and Hashabiah and Jeshaiah of the sons of Merari, with his brothers and their sons, 20 men; 20 and 220 of the temple servants, whom David and the princes had given for the service of the Levites, all of them designated by name. 27 and 20 gold bowls worth 1,000 darics, and two utensils of fine shiny bronze, precious as gold. 9 So all the men of Judah and Benjamin assembled at Jerusalem within the three days. It was the ninth month on the twentieth of the month, and all the people sat in the open square before the house of God, trembling because of this matter and the heavy rain.
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