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1 Kings 8:59 CEB

59 And may these words of mine that I have cried out before the LORD remain near to the LORD our God day and night so that he may do right by his servant and his people Israel for each day's need,

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  • a 8:2 - September–October, Tishrei; Ethanim is a month from a Canaanite calendar.
  • b 8:29 - Or <i>for, regarding</i>; also used in several verses that follow
  • c 8:31 - Heb uncertain
  • d 8:35 - Or <i>answered them</i>
  • e 8:37 - LXX <i>one of</i>; MT <i>in the land of their gates</i>
  • f 8:47 - Heb adds <i>in the land they are held captive.</i>
  • g 8:66 - The second seven-day celebration (see 2 Chron 7:8-9); but contrast LXX.