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Ezekiel 40:48 CEB

The temple

48 Then he brought me to the porch of the temple and measured its arches. They were seven and a half feet on each side, and the width of the gate was four and a half feet on each side.

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      • a 40:5 - Heb <i>shesh ammoth ba'ammah </i>traditionally <i>six long cubits</i>, which is defined as six times a standard <i>ammah </i>of eighteen inches plus a <i>topha </i>(traditionally <i>handbreadth</i>) of three inches. So the measuring rod has six segments of twenty-one inches each, which equals ten and a half feet. It is unclear whether the measurements with the rod continue past 40:8, when standard <i>ammah </i>appear, though the longer <i>ammah </i>do continue briefly in 43:13-17 for the altar.
      • b 40:5 - Or <i>a standard cubit</i>
      • c 40:5 - Or <i>a handbreadth</i>
      • d 40:6 - Or <i>threshold</i>; Heb architectural and decorative terminology in Ezek 40–48 is often uncertain.
      • e 40:9 - Or <i>eight cubits</i>
      • f 40:37 - LXX; MT <i>arches</i>
      • g 40:43 - Heb uncertain
      • h 40:44 - LXX; MT <i>singing</i>