Genesis 16:2 CEB

2 Sarai said to Abram, "The LORD has kept me from giving birth, so go to my servant. Maybe she will provide me with children." Abram did just as Sarai said.

Study tools for Genesis 16:2

  • a 16:11 - Or <i>God hears</i>
  • b 16:12 - Or <i>He will reside near all his relatives.</i>
  • c 16:13 - Or <i>God who sees </i>or <i>God whom I’ve seen</i>
  • d 16:13 - Heb uncertain; or <i>Have I really seen God and survived?</i>
  • e 16:14 - Or <i>the Well of the Living One who sees me </i>or <i>whom I’ve seen</i>