The human condition

1 Isn't slavery everyone's condition on earth, our days like those of a hired worker?
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      2 Like a slave we pant for a shadow, await our task like a hired worker. nights of toil have been measured out for me.
      3 So I have inherited months of emptiness;
      4 If I lie down and think—When will I get up?— night drags on, and restless thoughts fill me until dawn.
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        • a 7:4 - Heb uncertain
          5 My flesh is covered with worms and crusted earth; my skin hardens and oozes.
          6 My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle; they reach their end without hope.
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            • b 7:6 - Or <i>thread</i>
              7 Remember that my life is wind; my eyes won't see pleasure again.
              8 The eye that sees me now will no longer look on me; your eyes will be on me, and I won't exist.
              9 A cloud breaks apart and moves on— like the one who descends to the grave and won't rise,
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                • c 7:9 - Heb <i>Sheol</i>
                  10 won't return home again, won't be recognized in town anymore.

                  Job wants to be left alone

                  11 But I won't keep quiet; I will speak in the adversity of my spirit, groan in the bitterness of my life.
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                      12 Am I Sea or the Sea Monster that you place me under guard?
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                        • d 7:12 - Heb <i>Yam</i>, a sea god
                        • e 7:12 - Heb <i>Tannin</i>, a sea dragon
                          13 If I say, "My couch will comfort me," my bed will diminish my murmuring.
                          14 You scare me with dreams, frighten me with visions.
                          15 I would choose strangling and death instead of my bones.
                          16 I reject life; I don't want to live long; leave me alone, for my days are empty.
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                            • f 7:16 - Heb lacks <i>life.</i>

                              A parody of Psalm 8

                              17 What are human beings, that you exalt them, that you take note of them,
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                                  18 visit them each morning, test them every moment?
                                  19 Why not look away from me; let me alone until I swallow my spit?
                                  20 If I sinned, what did I do to you, guardian of people? Why have you made me your target so that I'm a burden to myself?
                                  21 Why not forgive my sin, overlook my iniquity? Then I would lie down in the dust; you would search hard for me, and I would not exist.