Malachi 1:6-14 CEB

Honoring the LORD

6 A son honors a father, and a servant honors his master. But if I'm a father, where is my honor? Or if I'm a master, where is my respect? says the LORD of heavenly forces to you priests who despise my name. So you say, "How have we despised your name?"

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      7 By approaching my altar with polluted food. But you say, "How have we polluted ita?" When you say, "The table of the LORD can be despised."

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        • b 1:7 - Gk; Heb <i>you</i>
          8 If you bring a blind animal to sacrifice, isn't that evil? If you bring a lame or sick one, isn't that evil? Would you bring it to your governor? Would he be pleased with it or accept you? says the LORD of heavenly forces.
          9 So now ask God to be gracious to us. After what you have done, will he accept you? says the LORD of heavenly forces.
          10 Who among you will shut the doors of the templeb so that you don't burn something on my altar in vain? I take no delight in you, says the LORD of heavenly forces. I won't accept a grain offering from your hand.

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            • c 1:10 - Heb lacks <i>of the temple.</i>
              11 Nevertheless, from sunrise to sunset, my name will be great among the nations. Incense and a pure grain offering will be offered everywhere in my name, because my name is great among the nations, says the LORD of heavenly forces.
              12 But you make my name impure when you say, "The table of the LORD is polluted. Its fruit, its food, is despised."
              13 But you say, "How tedious!" and you groan about it, says the LORD of heavenly forces. You permit what is stolen, lame, or sick to be brought for a sacrifice,c and you bring the grain offering. Should I accept such from your hands? says the LORD.

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                • d 1:13 - Heb lacks <i>for a sacrifice.</i>
                  14 I will curse the cheater who has a healthyd male in his flock, but who promises and sacrifices to the LORD that which is corrupt. I am truly a great king, says the LORD of heavenly forces, and my name is feared among the nations.

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                    • e 1:14 - Heb lacks <i>healthy.</i>