Psalm 102:20-28 CEB

20 to hear the prisoners' groans, to set free those condemned to death,
21 that the LORD's name may be declared in Zion and his praise declared in Jerusalem,
22 when all people are gathered together— all kingdoms—to serve the LORD.
23 God broke my strength in midstride, cutting my days short.
24 I said, "My God, don't take me away in the prime of life— your years go on from one generation to the next!
25 You laid the earth's foundations long ago; the skies are your handiwork.
26 These things will pass away, but you will last. All of these things will wear out like clothing; you change them like clothes, and they pass on.
27 But you are the one! Your years never end!
28 Let your servants' children live safe; let your servants' descendants live secure in your presence."