Psalm 10:1-6 CEB

Psalm 10

1 aWhy do you stand so far away, LORD, hiding yourself in troubling times?

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    • q 10:1 - Pss 9 and 10 contain part of an acrostic poem and might originally be one poem in Heb.
      2 Meanwhile, the wicked are proudly in hot pursuit of those who suffer. Let them get caught in the very same schemes they've thought up!
      3 The wicked brag about their body'sb cravings; the greedy reject the LORD, cursing.

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        • r 10:3 - Or <i>soul’s</i>
          4 At the peak of their wrath, the wicked don't seek God: There's no God— that's what they are always thinking.
          5 Their ways are always twisted. Your rules are too lofty for them. They snort at all their foes.
          6 They think to themselves, We'll never stumble. We'll never encounter any resistance.