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2 Kings 8:6 CEBA

6 The king questioned the woman, and she told him her story. Then the king appointed an official to help her, saying, "Return everything that belongs to her, as well as everything that the farmland has produced, starting from the day she left the country until right now."

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  • a 8:11 - Heb uncertain
  • b 8:16 - LXX, Syr; MT includes <i>Jehoshaphat had been Judah’s king</i>.
  • c 8:21 - Heb <i>Joram </i>(also in 8:23-24); the king’s name is usually spelled in its long form <i>Jehoram </i>(cf 2 Chron 21:9).
  • d 8:21 - Heb uncertain
  • e 8:25 - Heb <i>Jehoram </i>(also in 8:29); the king’s name is variously spelled in either long <i>Jehoram </i>or short <i>Joram </i>form.