3 Maccabees 6:16-29 CEBA

God delivers the Jews

16 Now as Eleazar was concluding his prayer, the king arrived at the racecourse with the beasts and all the arrogance of his power.

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      17 When the Jews saw this, they cried out to heaven so loudly that even the nearby valleys echoed, putting the army into a panic.
      18 Then the most glorious, almighty, and true God showed forth his holy face and opened the heavenly gates. Two glorified angels of frightful appearance descended, visible to all except the Jews.
      19 They opposed the power of the enemies, filled them with confusion and dread, and made them freeze in their tracks as with shackles.
      20 Even the body of the king gave a slight shudder, and he forgot his sullen arrogance.
      21 The elephants turned back on the armed forces that were following them, and they began to trample and destroy them.
      22 The king's anger was changed into pity and tears because of the schemes that he had previously devised.
      23 When he heard the loud cry and saw the Jews all lying on the ground awaiting destruction, he wept and violently threatened his friends, saying,
      24 "You have used your power badly and acted more savagely than tyrants. You are now attempting to rob even me, your benefactor, of my rule and my life. Secretly you devise things that are of no advantage to the kingdom.
      25 Who has driven from their homes those who have faithfully commanded the fortresses of our country? Who has senselessly gathered them all in this place?
      26 Who has so unjustly rewarded those who from the beginning differed from all the nations in their goodwill toward us in every way, and who often have taken upon themselves the worst human dangers by mistreating them on every side?
      27 Release them from those undeserved chains! Send them in peace back to their homes, and seek forgiveness for the deeds that have been done.
      28 Free the children of the almighty, living God of heaven, who from the days of our ancestors until now has given our kingdom constant and notable stability."
      29 So the king said these things, and the Jews, who were released immediately, praised their holy God and savior, since they had just now escaped death.