Deuteronomy 32:25-35 CEBA

25 Outside, in the streets, the sword will bereave! Inside, in the safest room, there will be terror for young men and women, nursing baby and senior citizen.
26 I thought about it: I could have struck them down,a erased them from human memory,

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    • Ü 32:26 - Heb uncertain; LXX <i>scattered them</i>
      27 but their enemies' rage concerned me; their opponents might misunderstand. They might say, "Our strong hands, not the LORD's, did all this,"
      28 because they are not a thoughtful nation; they lack any insight.
      29 If they had any wisdom, they would understand this; they would discern what will become of them.
      30 How could one person chase off a thousand in battle? How could two people make ten thousand flee for their lives? Only because their rock sold them off, only because the LORD handed them over!
      31 But, no, their rocks can't compare to our rock! Our enemies are completely stupid.b

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        • Ý 32:31 - LXX; Heb uncertain
          32 Their roots run straight from Sodom— from the fields of Gomorrah! Their grapes are pure poison; their grape clusters, nothing but bitter;
          33 their wine is snake poison, venom from a cruel cobra.
          34 Don't I have this stored up, sealed in my vaults?
          35 Revenge is my domain, so is punishment-in-kind, at the exact moment their step slips up, because the day of their destruction is just around the corner; their final destiny is speeding on its way!