9 If workers would come to you to pick grapes, they would at least leave a few on the vine. If thieves would come in the night, they would take only what they needed. 10 But me? I will strip Esau bare. I will expose his hiding places, and he will find no place to take cover. His offspring, family, and acquaintances will perish, and there will be no one left to say,
14 I have heard a report from the LORD that a messenger is sent among the nations: Join forces and come against her; prepare for war! 15 I'm about to cut you down to size before the nations; you will be scorned by everyone. 16 The terror you have inflicted on others has deceived you, as has your own pride. Though you live in a fortress and occupy the high ground; though you nest on high like the eagles, I will bring you down, declares the LORD.