Jeremiah 7:1-9 CEBA

The LORD’s temple

1 Jeremiah received the LORD's word:

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      2 Stand near the gate of the LORD's temple and proclaim there this message: Listen to the LORD's word, all you of Judah who enter these gates to worship the LORD.
      3 This is what the LORD of heavenly forces, the God of Israel, says: Improve your conduct and your actions, and I will dwell with youa in this place.

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        •  7:3 - Or <i>I will let you dwell</i>
          4 Don't trust in lies: "This is the LORD's temple! The LORD's temple! The LORD's temple!"
          5 No, if you truly reform your ways and your actions; if you treat each other justly;
          6 if you stop taking advantage of the immigrant, orphan, or widow; if you don't shed the blood of the innocent in this place, or go after other gods to your own ruin,
          7 only then will I dwell with youb in this place, in the land that I gave long ago to your ancestors for all time.

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            • ‚ 7:7 - Or <i>I will let you dwell</i>
              8 And yet you trust in lies that will only hurt you.
              9 Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury, sacrifice to Baal and go after other gods that you don't know,