Judges 17:1-6 CEBA

Micah’s sanctuary and the Levite priest

1 Once there was a man named Micah who lived in the Ephraim highlands.

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      2 He said to his mother, "The eleven hundred pieces of silver that were taken from you led you to declare a curse and even to repeat it when I could hear. I have that silver. I'm the one who took it, and now I'll give it back to you."a His mother replied, "May the LORD bless you, my son!"

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        • Ž 17:2 - The words <i>and now I’ll give it back to you </i>are relocated from the end of 17:3 in Heb.
          3 When he gave the eleven hundred pieces of silver back to his mother, she said, "I wholeheartedly devote this silver to the LORD, to be made into a sculpted image and a molded image for my son."
          4 So he gave the silver back to his mother, and she took two hundred pieces of silver and gave them to a silversmith, who used it for a sculpted image and a molded image. And they were placed in Micah's house.
          5 This man Micah had his own sanctuary.b He made a priestly vestc and divine imagesd and appointed one of his sons to be his personal priest.

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            •  17:5 - Or <i>god’s house</i>
            •  17:5 - Heb <i>ephod</i>
            • ‘ 17:5 - Heb <i>terafim</i>
              6 In those days there was no king in Israel; each person did what they thought to be right.