Nehemiah 11:10-14 CEBA

10 Of the priests: Jedaiah son of Joiarib, Jachin,
11 Seraiah son of Hilkiah son of Meshullam son of Zadok son of Meraioth son of Ahitub the officer of God's house,
12 and their associates who carried out the work in the temple: 822. There was also Adaiah son of Jeroham son of Pelaliah son of Amzi son of Zechariah son of Pashhur son of Malchijah,

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    • a 11:12 - Or <i>house</i>
      13 and his associates, heads of families: 242. There was also Amashsai son of Azarel son of Ahzai son of Meshillemoth son of Immer
      14 and their associates, for a total of 128 courageous people. Their supervisor was Zabdiel, Haggedolim's son.