Sirach 30:1-13 CEBA

Concerning children

1 aThe person who loves his sons will discipline them often so that he may be glad about how they turn out.

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    • Ö 30:1 - The title appears in Gk manuscripts.
      2 Whoever instructs his sons will benefit from them, and he will boast about them among his acquaintances.
      3 The person who teaches his sons will make his enemy jealous, but among his friends he will rejoice over them.
      4 When their father passes away, it is as if he hadn't died, because he left behind sons who are like him.
      5 When he was alive, he saw them and was glad, and at his end, he wasn't grieved.
      6 He was survived by those who would avenge him against his enemies and who would repay kindness to his friends.
      7 A parent who spoils children now will end up tending to their wounds, and will experience heartache at every outcry.
      8 A horse that is unbroken turns out stubborn, and a child, when given free rein, turns out reckless.
      9 Indulge children, and they will terrorize you; play with them, and they will grieve you.
      10 Don't laugh together with them, so that you don't suffer together and in the end grind your teeth in regret.
      11 Don't give them free rein in their youth.b

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        • × 30:11 - LXXb adds 30:11<i>b-</i>12<i>a and don’t overlook his mistakes. In his youth, bow down his neck.</i>
          12 Bruise their sides while they are still young, or else they will become stubborn and disobey you.
          13 Educate your children, and work on them, so that you don't end up offended by their shameful behavior.