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Tobit 1:1 CEBA

Tobit and his background

1 This scroll is a story told by Tobit. He was the son of Tobiel son of Hananiel son of Aduel son of Gabael son of Raphael son of Raguel, whose family came from Asiel, of the Naphtali tribe.

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      • a 1:7 - Gk <i>For six years</i>
      • b 1:8 - LXX2 <i>the mother of our father Hananiel</i>
      • c 1:9 - Or <i>ancestral kindred</i>
      • d 1:10 - LXX2 <i>After I was taken into captivity into Assyria and when I was taken captive, I went into Nineveh.</i>
      • e 1:15 - Or <i>slipped from his control</i>
      • f 1:19 - Gk adds <i>that the king was aware of me and</i>
      • g 1:22 - Or <i>chief cupbearer</i>