Tobit’s thanksgiving song

1 Then Tobit spoke and wrote down a psalm in praise, saying, Bless the God who lives forever, and bless his kingdom,
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    • a 13:1 - LXX2 omits <i>and … saying.</i>
      2 because he punishes and shows mercy. He brings people down to the underworld below the earth, and he himself raises people up from great destruction. What is there that escapes from his hand?
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        • b 13:2 - Gk lacks <i>people.</i>
        • c 13:2 - DSS Heb; LXX1,2 <i>nothing will escape his hand.</i>
          3 Bear witness to him, Israelites, in the presence of the nations, because he has scattered you among them,
          4 and he has shown you his greatness there. Bring him honor in the presence of everything that lives, because he is our Lord: he himself is our God; he himself is our father, and he is God forever and always.
          5 He will punish you for your unjust acts, but he will also show all of you mercy and gather you together out of all the nations among which you have been scattered.
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            • d 13:5 - OL; LXX2 omits <i>and … together</i>; Vulg <i>and he will save us on account of his mercy</i>
              6 When you turn to him with all your heart and your all being to act sincerely before him, then he will turn to you and never hide his face from you again. And now, look at what he has done for you, and acknowledge him in everything you say. Praise the Lord of righteousness, and exalt the king of the ages! I will acknowledge him in the land where I am a captive and make known his power and greatness to a sinful nation. So turn around, you sinners, and act justly before him. Who knows? Perhaps he will want you back and show you mercy.
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                • e 13:6 - Gk <i>with your whole mouth</i>
                • f 13:6 - OL; LXX1 <i>to a nation of sinners</i>
                  7 My soul exalts my God, the king of heaven, and my soul will rejoice all the days of my life.
                  8 Praise the Lord, all you chosen ones, and let everyone praise his greatness. Let them speak through psalms, use your days for rejoicing, and acknowledge him.
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                    • g 13:8 - DSS Heb; OL omits line.
                      9 He has punished you, Jerusalem, holy city, because of the deeds of your hands.
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                        • h 13:9 - OL; LXX1 reads for 13:7–9 <i>I will exalt my God, and my whole being will exalt the king of heaven and rejoice on account of his greatness. (8)Let all speak and bear witness to him in Jerusalem. (9)Jerusalem, holy city, he will punish you because of the deeds of your children, but he will again show mercy to the children of those who are righteous.</i>
                          10 Acknowledge the Lord in goodness, and praise the Lord of ages! Then your dwelling will be rebuilt for you with joy. He will bring joy to all the captives among you, and he will love for all eternity all those who have been subjugated.
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                            • i 13:10 - Gk <i>and</i>; OL <i>so that</i>
                              11 A bright light will shine forth into the farthest corners of the earth. Many nations will come to you from afar, and inhabitants from all the ends of the earth will come to your holy name. They will bear gifts in their hands for the king of heaven. Generation after generation will give joyful worship to you and honor your name forever and always.
                              12 May all who have despised you and slandered you be cursed! Cursed are all who hate you and all who speak a harsh word against you. But all who revere you will be blessed for eternity.
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                                • j 13:12 - OL, cf DSS Heb; LXX2 <i>May everyone be cursed who speaks a harsh word. All who destroy you and tear down your walls, who topple your towers and set your homes on fire, will be cursed.</i>
                                  13 Rejoice then and be glad for the children of the righteous, for all will be gathered together and praise the eternal Lord.
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                                    • k 13:13 - DSS Heb, OL, LXX1; LXX2 <i>Go then</i><i>and be joyful.</i>
                                      14 Favored by God are those who love you, favored are those who rejoice when you are at peace, and favored are all the people who grieve when you are afflicted, for they will rejoice over you and will see all your joy forever.
                                      15 I praise the Lord, the great king!
                                      16 Jerusalem will be built as a city, God's house for all ages to come. I will be greatly favored when the few remaining from my offspring see your glory and acknowledge the king of heaven! The gates of Jerusalem will be built with sapphire and emerald, and all your walls will be made of precious stone. The towers of Jerusalem will be built with gold, and their fortifications will be made of pure gold.
                                      17 The streets of Jerusalem will be paved with garnet and stone from Ophir.
                                      18 And the gates of Jerusalem will burst into song with joyful hymns, and all her houses will shout out, "Hallelujah! May the God of Israel be praised, and may those who bless the holy name be blessed forever and always!"