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The Way of Salvatioon

Albert Barnes

Sermon I

The Bible

Sermon II

The obscurities of divine revelation

Sermon III

The claims of the Christian religion

Sermon IV

The condition of man not benefitted by the rejection of Christianity

Sermon V

The importance of man

Sermon VI

The earth a place of probation

Sermon VII

Man on probation

Sermon VIII

The necessity of accommodating ourselves to the arrangements of the divine government

Sermon IX

The state in which the gospel finds man

Sermon X

The inquiry, what must I do to be saved?

Sermon XI

Conviction of sin

Sermon XII

The struggles of a convicted sinner

Sermon XIII

A wounded spirit

Sermon XIV

What will give permanent peace to a soul convicted of sin

Sermon XV

The mercy of God

Sermon XVI

The atonement as fitted to give peace to a convicted sinner

Sermon XVII

The atonement as it removes the obstacles in the way of pardon

Sermon XVIII

The necessity of regeneration

Sermon XIX

The nature of regeneration

Sermon XX

The agency of the Holy Spirit in regeneration

Sermon XXI

The nature of repentance

Sermon XXII

The relation of repentance to pardon in the Christian system

Sermon XXIII

The philosophical necessity of repentance

Sermon XXIV

The foundation of the command to repent laid in the character of man

Sermon XXV

The evidences of true repentance

Sermon XXVI

Faith a condition

Sermon XXVII

The value and importance of faith


Faith as an elementary principle of action

Sermon XXIX

The importance of the inquiry, how shall man be just with God?

Sermon XXX

Man cannot justify himself by denying or disproving the charge of guilt

Sermon XXXI

Man cannot justify himself by showing that his conduct is right

Sermon XXXII

Man cannot merit salvation


What is meant by the merits of Christ

Sermon XXXIV

In what sense we are justified by the merits of Christ

Sermon XXXV

The influence of faith in justification

Sermon XXXVI

The bearing and importance of the doctrine of justification by faith