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Sermons Preached in St. Paul's Cathedral

Joseph Barber Lightfoot



Balaam and Balak

Third Sunday after Easter, 1873

The Forgiveness of David's Sin

Third Sunday after Easter, 1878

The Consequences of David's Sin

Fourth Sunday after Easter, 1878

Caesar's Tribute and God's Tribute

Caesar's Tribute and God's Tribute

The Fall of Judas

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity, 1871

The Counsel of Caiaphas

Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity, 1871

Pilate's Question

First Sunday after Trinity, 1875

The One Taken and the Other Left

The One Taken and the Other Left

The Triumph of Failure

First Sunday after Trinity, 1872

Christ's Gift of Peace

Fifth Sunday after Easter, 1871

Why Stand Ye Gazing Up Into Heaven?

Sunday after Ascension Day, 1877

Christian Forethought and Unchristian Anxiety

Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity, 1873

True Blessedness

Third Sunday after Easter, 1876

Hasty Judgment

Second Sunday after Epiphany

The Spirit and the Letter

Septuagesima Sunday, 1877

S. Paul Our Example

Feast of the Conversion of S. Paul, 1874

The Philippian Gaoler

Second Sunday after Christmas, 1879

The Constraining Love of Christ

Twelfth Sunday after Trinity, 1876

Madness and Sanity

First Sunday after Trinity, 1875

The Message to Laodicea

Third Sunday after Epiphany, 1878

The Holy Trinity

Trinity Sunday, 1872

The Great Renewal

Second Sunday after Christmas, 1875