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1 Kings 1:11

1 Kings 1:11

Wherefore Nathan spake unto Bathsheba the mother of Solomon,
&c.] Who not only had an interest in the king, being his wife, and an easy access to him, but had a special concern in this affair, as it affected her son, to whom the succession of the kingdom was designed and promised:

saying, hast thou not heard that Adonijah the son of Haggith doth
has usurped the throne, and is proclaimed king by a party, who at least have drank his health as such; has taken the title, and is about to exercise the power of a king; this Bathsheba might not have heard of, and which he expresses in this manner to quicken her to make an immediate application to the king:

and David our Lord knoweth [it] not;
being so infirm, and in his bed, and nobody about him to inform him of it; it was done without his knowledge, and far from being with his consent and approbation.

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