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1 Samuel 25:10

1 Samuel 25:10

And Nabal answered David's servants, and said
In a very haughty manner, in great wrath, just as churlish covetous persons do, when they do not care to give what is asked of them:

who [is] David? and who [is] the son of Jesse;
his two questions, which relate to the same person, do not well agree together, since by both he would suggest as if he knew not the person they came from, and whose name they made use of: had he stopped at the first question, it might have gone so, but his second question betrays him, and plainly shows he did know him, though he speaks with contempt of him, calling him "the son of Jesse", as Saul often did, ( 1 Samuel 20:27 1 Samuel 20:30 1 Samuel 20:31 ) ( 1 Samuel 22:7 1 Samuel 22:8 1 Samuel 22:13 ) . Abarbinel, of all interpreters, is of opinion only, that Nabal did not say this disrespectfully of David, and to his dishonour; he knew he was the Lord's anointed, and the king's son-in-law; but the sense, according to him, is, "who [is] David? and who [is] the son of Jesse?" are they not one man? but though he is the son of Jesse, and prides himself saying, I shall be king, I should not regard that, but would send him corn, and bread, and food, as much as is needful for his own use; but what can I do when there are so many servants? for they are six hundred of them, and they are too many to relieve:

there be many servants nowadays that break away every man from his
which words also the same writer thinks have no reference to David, only to his men; but they seem plainly to strike at David himself, and suggest that he had revolted from and rebelled against Saul his master, as well as received and protected fugitives and renegades, such as fled from their masters and from their creditors; see ( 1 Samuel 22:2 ) .

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