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This chapter begins with the good reign of Hezekiah, who upon his
accession to the throne opened the doors of the temple,
\\#2Ch 29:1-3\\, summoned the priests and Levites, and exhorted them to
purge the temple, and restore the worship of it, \\#2Ch 29:4-11\\,
who accordingly set about the work immediately, and cleansed the
temple, and, when they had done, reported it to the king,
\\#2Ch 29:12-19\\ upon which he, with the princes, went into the temple
and offered sacrifices, \\#2Ch 29:20-24\\ and ordered singers to sing at
the offering of burnt offerings, \\#2Ch 29:25-30\\ when he and his
people offered burnt offerings and peace offerings in great
abundance, \\#2Ch 29:31-36\\.

\\see Gill on "2Ki 18:2"\\,
\\see Gill on "2Ki 18:3"\\.