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Acts 10:41

Acts 10:41

Not to all the people
Of the Jews, who crucified him; nor to the whole body of the Christians, though at one time to a large number, even five hundred brethren at once:

but unto witnesses chosen before of God;
by Christ himself, who is God:

even to us, who did eat and drink with him after he rose from the
namely, to the apostles, with whom he familiarly conversed by times, for the space of forty days after his resurrection; and Beza's most ancient copy; and the Ethiopic version here add, "forty days"; and particularly he did sometimes eat and drink with them; ( Luke 24:42 Luke 24:43 ) ( John 21:12 John 21:15 ) and though drinking is not mentioned, it is included in eating, as in ( Luke 7:36 ) wherefore there is no need to connect the last clause, "after he rose from the dead", with the latter part of the preceding verse, as some do, on that account.

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