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Acts 25:7

Acts 25:7

And when he was come
Into court:

the Jews which came down from Jerusalem;
along with Festus, perhaps the high priest with the elders, and Tertullus the orator, as before:

stood round about;
either the Apostle Paul, or the judgment seat; the witnesses and accusers were to stand, as well as the person accused; (See Gill on Mark 14:57).

And laid many and grievous complaints against Paul; which they could
not prove;
for his moral conversation, both before and after conversion, was very strict and conformable to the laws of God and man; and yet as pure and inoffensive as he was, he was not exempt from the calumnies of men; and these many and very grievous; but it was his happiness, and to his honour through the grace of God, that his enemies could not make good anyone thing against him.

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