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Ezra 7:19

Ezra 7:19

The vessels also that were given thee for the service of the
house of thy God
These were vessels of silver, basins of gold, and vessels of fine copper; not what formerly belonged to the temple, they were delivered by Cyrus to Sheshbazzar; but what the present king and his counsellors freely offered at this time, see ( Ezra 8:25 Ezra 8:26 ) , those

deliver thou before the God of Jerusalem;
perfect and complete, the full number of them, as the word signifies F20; meaning not to be delivered before him, or in his presence, as a witness thereof, but that they should be dedicated and devoted to his service, who was worshipped in the temple at Jerusalem, and by the inhabitants of it; he seems as if he thought him a topical deity, the God of that particular place, which was the notion of the Heathens, see ( 1 Kings 20:23 ) , though he also speaks of him as the God of heaven.


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