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Isaiah 32:14

Isaiah 32:14

Because the palaces shall be forsaken
The palaces of the princes and nobles shall be forsaken by them, they being obliged to flee from the enemy, or being taken, and either slain, or carried captive. The word in the Hebrew is in the singular number, "the palace", meaning the royal palace; and so Aben Ezra and Jarchi interpret it of the king's palace; though the Targum paraphrases it the house of the sanctuary, or the temple, so Kimchi; which was left desolate, as Christ foretold it should be, ( Matthew 23:38 ) : the multitude of the city shall be left;
to take care of themselves, and to the fury of their enemies, their princes and nobles being killed or fled; or, "the city shall be left of the multitude" F16; the multitude of inhabitants that were in it shall forsake it, and flee, or be destroyed in it, so that few or none shall remain: the forts and towers shall be for dens for ever;
Ophel and Bachan, which some take to be the names of two towers of Jerusalem; of Ophel we read in ( 2 Chronicles 27:3 ) ( Nehemiah 3:26 Nehemiah 3:27 ) but rather these intend in general the high towers and strong fortifications of Jerusalem, which being cut out of rocks, when demolished served for dens for thieves and robbers, and wild creatures; and this being "for ever", that is, for a very long time, shows that it cannot be applied to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans, and the seventy years' captivity; but it is to be understood of the last destruction, which continues unto this day: a joy of wild asses;
which delight in wild and desert places; see ( Job 39:5 Job 39:6 ) a pasture of flocks;
where flocks of sheep feed, instead of being inhabited by men. Jarchi's note is pretty remarkable,

``for the desire, or at the will, of the Ishmaelites, and for the feeding of the Grecians, and their army;''
and certain it is that Jerusalem now is in the hands of the Ishmaelites, or Turks. The Targum is,
``the place which was a house of joy and gladness for kings is now become a spoil for armies.''


F16 So Gataker.