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Isaiah 34:10

Isaiah 34:10

It shall not be quenched night nor day
It will be long burning, and shall not be extinguished until it is utterly consumed. The burning of Rome will continue long, especially the smoke of it; the kings of the earth, and others, are represented as standing and looking at it, and lamenting for it, ( Revelation 18:9 Revelation 18:18 ) :

the smoke thereof shall go up for ever;
this very phrase is what will be used by the saints in their "allelujahs", at the burning of Rome, ( Revelation 19:3 ) with which compare ( Revelation 14:11 ) :

from generation to generation it shall lie waste;
the land shall be no more manured and cultivated, nor the city rebuilt; when Babylon is once fallen, it shall never be raised up again, but always remain desolate, ( Revelation 18:2 Revelation 18:21 ) :

none shall pass through it for ever and ever;
no inhabitant in it, nor traveller through it; it will be so horrible and terrible, as none will care to dwell there, yea, not so much as to travel through it; see ( Jeremiah 49:18 ) .