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Joshua 13:9

Joshua 13:9

From Aroer, that [is] on the bank of the river Arnon
A city belonging to Moab, from whence the description begins, the river Arnon, on which it was situated, being the border between Moab and the Amorites, ( Numbers 21:13 ) ;

and the city that [is] in the midst of the river;
or "even the city"; meaning the same city of Aroer, it lying both on the bank of it, and in the middle of it, or it was a double city, as may seem from ( Isaiah 17:2 ) ; and so differently situated at that river:

and all the plains of Medeba unto Dibon;
of these two places, see ( Numbers 21:30 ) ; between them lay a plain, which some take to be the plain of Moab; but it rather seems to be a plain that was between these two places, and, according to ( Joshua 13:17 ) , Dibon itself was in a plain.

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