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Judges 6:38

Judges 6:38

And it was so
The Lord condescended to work this miracle for the confirmation of his faith, and for the encouragement of those that were with him; the fleece was wet with the dew of heaven, and all the ground about it dry:

for he rose up early in the morning;
being eagerly desirous of knowing whether his request would be granted, and how it would be with the fleece:

and thrust the fleece together;
to satisfy himself whether the dew had fallen on it, and there was any moisture in it, which by being squeezed together he would more easily perceive:

and wringed the dew out of the fleece, a bowl full of water;
so that it appeared it had not only fallen on it, but it had taken in a large quantity of it; the word here used is the same as in ( Judges 5:25 ) (See Gill on Judges 5:25); the Targum calls it a flagon.

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