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Leviticus 15:3

Leviticus 15:3

And this shall be his uncleanness in his issue
Or the sign of it, by which it may be judged whether he is unclean by it or no:

whether his flesh run with his issue;
or salivates, or emits a flow of matter like a saliva, or in the manner of spittle:

or his flesh be stopped from his issue;
with it, or because of it; because it is gross, as Jarchi says, it cannot come forth freely:

it [is] his uncleanness;
whether it be one or the other, he is reckoned on account of it an unclean person. This was an emblem of the corruption and vitiosity of nature, and of all evil things that are in or flow out of the evil heart of man, which are defiling to him; see ( Matthew 15:18 Matthew 15:19 ) .

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