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Leviticus 17:8

Leviticus 17:8

And thou shalt say unto them
To Aaron and his sons, and to the children of Israel, as in ( Leviticus 17:2 ) ;

whatsoever man [there be] of the house of Israel:
belonging to that nation, and to any of its tribes and families, of whatever age; as a young man or an old man, as the Targum of Jonathan; or of whatsoever rank, class, and condition in life:

or of the strangers which sojourn among you;
that is, of the proselytes among them; not the proselytes of the gate, who were not admitted to offer sacrifice on the altar of the Lord; and if they were, they could not for non-compliance with this law be cut off from the Jewish church and commonwealth, of which they were no part, only suffered to dwell among them, but partook of none of their privileges; but this is to be understood of proselytes of righteousness, such as embraced the Jewish religion, and submitted to all the rituals of it, and had communion with the body of the people, and shared in all the immunities of their civil and church state, and so liable in case of any real practice to be cut off from them:

that offereth a burnt offering or sacrifice;
any other sacrifice besides a burnt offering, as a sin offering, or a trespass offering, or a peace offering.