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Leviticus 25:7

Leviticus 25:7

And for thy cattle, and for the beasts that [are] in thy land,
&c.] The former signifies tame cattle, such as were kept at home, or in fields, or were used in service, and the latter the wild beasts of the field:

shall all the increase thereof be meat;
for the one, and for the other; Jarchi remarks, that all the time a wild beast eats of the increase of the field, the cattle may be fed at home; but when it ceaseth to the wild beast of the field, then it ceaseth to the cattle at home; nay, the Jews are so strict in this matter, that they say that when there is no food for the beasts in the field, men are obliged to bring out what they have in their houses F18, see ( Isaiah 11:6 Isaiah 11:7 ) .


F18 Maimon. Hilchot Shemitah Vejobel, c. 7. sect. 1.