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Luke 7:43

Luke 7:43

Simon answered and said
Very readily, without any hesitation, not being aware of the application of it, to the instance he had been pondering in his mind:

I suppose, that he to whom he forgave most;
it was his opinion, and to him a plain case, that he that owed the largest debt, and that being forgiven him fully, and freely, as he was under the greatest obligation, so as he ought, he would show the greatest love and affection to his kind and gracious creditor:

and he said unto him;
that is, Jesus said, as the Syriac and Persic versions express it:

thou hast rightly judged;
this is a right and true judgment of the case; it is according to the nature and truth of things, and what is obvious and clear at first sight, and which every one must agree to.

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