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Mark 14:6

Mark 14:6

And Jesus said, let her alone
Jesus knowing the secret indignation of some of his disciples, and their private murmurings at the woman, and their continual teasings of her, because of the expense of the ointment, said to them, as the Arabic and Ethiopic versions read; or "to the disciples", as the Persic, let the woman alone, cease to chide and reprove her for what she has done;

why trouble ye her?
why do you grieve her, by charging her with imprudence and extravagance, as if she had been guilty of a very great crime? she is so far from it, that

she hath wrought a good work on me;
she has done me an honour; expressed faith in me, and shown love to me, and ought to be commended, and not reproved; (See Gill on Matthew 26:10).

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