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Mark 15:16

Mark 15:16

And the soldiers led him away into the hall
From the place called the pavement, where was the judge's bench, from which he passed sentence on Christ, to a large room,

called the praetorium,
or judgment hall; being the hall, or room, where the praetor, or Roman magistrate, kept his court of judicature; and is the same place the Jews would not go into, lest they should be defiled, and become unmeet to eat the Chagigah that day; and into which Pilate had Jesus more than once alone, ( John 18:28 John 18:33 ) ( 19:9 ) , but now he had a large company with him:

and they call together the whole band;
very likely the soldiers, into whose custody Jesus was put, and who led him away, were the four soldiers that attended his crucifixion, and parted his garments; but for greater diversion they got together the whole band to which they belonged; (See Gill on Matthew 27:27).

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