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Mark 6:51

Mark 6:51

And he went up unto them in the ship
That is, after Peter had desired he might be bid to come to him upon the water, and having got leave, made an essay; but the wind being boisterous, and beginning to sink, he cried out for help; when Christ stretched out his hand, and saved him; and then he, together with Peter, went up into the ship to the rest of the disciples, as is related by Matthew, ( Matthew 14:28-32 ) , though omitted by this evangelist:

and the wind ceased;
from blowing; it was laid at once, as soon as ever Christ entered the ship:

and they were sore amazed in themselves beyond measure, and
The Ethiopic version adds, "at him"; they were astonished, when they found it was Christ, and not a spirit; and they were more amazed at his walking upon the sea; and they marvelled still more abundantly, when they observed that the wind ceased upon his coming into the ship; their amazement was beyond expression, and therefore many words are made use of to signify it by.

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