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Matthew 13:36

Matthew 13:36

Then Jesus sent the multitude away
That his disciples might have the opportunity of conversing with him alone, about the sense of the parables he had delivered; and that he might instruct them by some others hereafter mentioned.

And went into the house:
left the ship in which he had been preaching to the multitude, came on shore, and returned to the house he came out of, ( Matthew 13:1 )

and his disciples came to him;
and being alone, make an humble request to him,

saying, declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field:
by which they mean, not a rehearsal of it, but an explication of the sense and meaning of it: they ask nothing about the parables of the mustard seed and leaven, either because they better understood them; or because there were some things very remarkable and striking in this, which made them very desirous to be particularly informed of the several parts of it, and their meaning.

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