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Numbers 28:15

Numbers 28:15

And one kid of the goats, for a sin offering unto the Lord,
shall be offered
This was an offering of a different sort, not a burnt offering, but a sin offering, typical of Christ, who was made an offering for sin; and it was of that sort of sin offerings which were to be eaten, as the Jews say F8; for there were some that were not, even such whose blood was brought into the sanctuary, ( Leviticus 6:30 ) . Maimonides F9 observes, that this phrase, "unto the Lord", is very particular and expressive, and that the design of it is, to observe that it was offered to the Lord, and not to the moon, as the Egyptians did:

besides the continual burnt offering, and his drink offering;
though the burnt offering of this day was so very large, consisting of so many creatures; and besides that a goat for a sin offering; yet the daily sacrifice was not to be omitted, and what belonged to that.


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