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Numbers 4:8

Numbers 4:8

And they shall spread upon them a cloth of scarlet
Upon the dishes and other vessels belonging to the shewbread table, and on the shewbread itself:

and cover the same with a covering of badgers' skins;
this was clearly the outward covering, and seems to confirm the observation made in ( Numbers 4:6 ) ; that the same sort of covering was the outermost covering of the ark:

and shall put in the staves thereof;
which belonged to the table, and were made to carry it with on occasion, from place to place; see ( Exodus 25:27 Exodus 25:28 ) ; and the same phrase being used as here of the staves of the ark in ( Numbers 4:6 ) ; seems to confirm the sense of them there, that they were taken out and put in upon this occasion, though otherwise fixed.

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