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Psalms 106:40

Psalms 106:40

Therefore was the wrath of the Lord kindled against his
Sin is the cause of wrath, which is compared to fire kindled by the breath of the Almighty, and is intolerable; this shows that the offence must be very great, as to incense the Lord against a people he had chosen above all others to be his peculiar people; as well as it was an aggravation, of their sin, so highly to provoke the Lord, whom they had vouched to be their God. There may be appearances of wrath for sin against those who are the Lord's people in the highest and best sense.

Insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance;
the people of Israel, whom he had chosen for his inheritance, and were his portion, and the lot of his inheritance. This must be understood of the body of the people, not of every individual; not of the remnant according to the election of grace among them, of which there were some in all ages; for this would be contrary to his love, and the unchangeableness of it: and however not of the persons of his people, but of their sins; and of the appearances of his providence towards them, which look like wrath, indignation, and abhorrence; for God will not cast off his people, nor forsake his inheritance, ( Psalms 94:14 ) the following verses explain this wrath and abhorrence. The Targum in the king's Bible is,

``the Word of the Lord abhorred,''

&c. see ( Zechariah 11:8 ) .

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