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Psalms 119:133

Psalms 119:133

Order my steps in thy word
Or, "by thy word" F19, or "according" to it. Which is the rule of practice and action, as well as of faith; and happy are they who walk according to the directions of it; but it is not in the power of man to order and direct his steps: this is done by the Lord; and such who acknowledge him in their ways, and apply to him for direction, are and shall be thus favoured by him; see ( Jeremiah 10:23 ) ( Psalms 37:23 ) ( Proverbs 3:6 ) ;

and let not any iniquity have dominion over me;
not only greater sins or presumptuous ones, very gross iniquities, as in ( Psalms 19:13 ) ; but lesser ones, even the least of them. It is a sad thing to be enslaved to any lust or sin, be it what it will: sin reigns over wicked men even unto death; and it oftentimes has great power over good men, puts them upon doing that which is evil, and hinders them from doing that which is good; it carries them captive, and threatens to have the ascendant over them, and rule in them, which they deprecate; and such a prayer may be the prayer of faith, since it is promised "sin shall not have the dominion over you", ( Romans 6:14 ) . Kimchi interprets this of the evil imagination or corruption of nature; R. Moses understands it of a wicked man; and so the Syriac version.


F19 (Ktrmab) "eloquio tuo", Tigurine version; "secundum eloquium tuum", Musculus.
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