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Psalms 119:142

Psalms 119:142

Thy righteousness [is] an everlasting righteousness
Or, "is for ever" F26. The rectitude of his nature, his faithfulness in his promises, and his kindness and beneficence to his people; and particularly the righteousness of God revealed in the Gospel; the righteousness of his Son, which he approves and accepts of, and imputes to him that believes. This is a righteousness that will last for ever, will never be abolished; it will answer for them that have it in a time to come; it is of use throughout the whole of life, at death, in the day of judgment, and to all eternity; see ( Daniel 9:24 ) ;

and thy law [is] the truth;
or "thy doctrine"; or "thy word", as the Arabic version. The Scriptures are called the Scriptures of truth, ( Daniel 10:21 ) they come from the God of truth, and all that is contained in them is truth; the legal part of them is truth, and so is the Gospel; that is called the word of truth, and truth itself: it is concerning Christ, who is the truth; and it is directed into and made effectual by the Spirit of truth, and contains in it many excellent truths; and is therefore deservedly valued and esteemed by all good men; see ( John 17:17 ) .


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