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Psalms 119:152

Psalms 119:152

Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old
Or, "from thy testimonies, I have known of old" F4: by carefully reading the Scriptures which testify of God, his mind an will, and frequently meditating on them, he had learned a long time ago, even from his youth, what follows,

that thou hast founded them for ever;
that the things contained in them are sure and certain, established and eternal truths; the moral law and the precepts of it are eternal, and of perpetual obligation; not one jot or tittle of them shall ever fail; the Gospel, and the truths of it, are everlasting, and shall ever remain; in spite of all the opposition, craft and cunning, fury and force of men, to undermine and root them out; see ( Psalms 119:89 ) .


F4 (Kytdem) "ex obtestationibus tuis", Tigurine version; so Cocceius, Gejerus.